Texas Teachers Endorse Wendy Davis

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Texas’ two leading teachers associations – the Texas State Teachers Association and the Texas American Federation of Teachers – have formally endorsed Senator Wendy Davis’ candidacy for Governor of Texas. Senator Davis has made education a priority in order to create good jobs that keep the Texas economy growing.

Senator Davis said, “Great teachers, great schools, and access to affordable education are essential to Texas’ economic future. It’s time for a governor who knows the way to attract jobs is to ensure that we open the doors of educational opportunity- not close them. Thank you to the thousands of members of Texas’ two largest teachers associations for their ongoing support.”

“TSTA is proud to endorse Senator Wendy Davis for Governor because she has worked tirelessly in the Senate on behalf of students, parents and teachers to give every Texas child the opportunity to succeed,” said TSTA President Rita Haecker. “Too many candidates give education lip service, but when others defended cuts that harmed our neighborhood schools, Wendy Davis fought successfully to restore funding for our schools.”

“Texas AFT, the Texas branch of the American Federation of Teachers, carefully evaluated the education records of the candidates for Governor. Senator Wendy Davis is the only candidate with a record of advocating for teachers and putting our students first,” said Texas AFT President Linda Bridges. “Senator Davis courageously opposed the massive 2011 cuts that threatened our public schools and has championed greater accountability in state testing contracts. Attorney General Greg Abbott’s record on education begins and ends in the courtroom, defending an inadequate and inequitable school-funding system. With Wendy Davis as the next Governor, teachers will once again have a voice in Austin.”

Senator Davis has recently released two parts of her “Great Schools: Great Texas” education policy plan which focus on strengthening Texas teachers and increasing dual credit opportunities between Texas high schools and universities.

In 2011, Senator Davis fought against a budget that stripped $5.4 billion from public schools. During the last legislative session Senator Davis continued to fight until budget writers increased public education funding by $3.4 billion. While Senator Davis has a record of fighting for public schools, Greg Abbott’s only record is defending unconstitutional budget cuts in the courtroom.